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Inserting and Removing a bearing from an FYH Housing Unit

One of the key reasons for bearing failure is the installation of the bearing itself. For a housing unit, the insert and removal process of a bearing plays a critical role in the overall functioning of the bearing. There is a definite technique that needs to be followed for the same to ensure the smooth operation of the bearing. If this process is not conducted properly, there is a risk of damaging the inner ring of the bearing which may result in the bearing getting jammed in the housing. This video walks you through the correct procedure that should be


7 Facts on FYH Bearings

Japan-based FYH is one of the oldest manufacturers of mounted ball bearings. They started their journey in 1950 and since then have developed bearings that can accommodate a great degree of shaft misalignment and are excellent for a tough industrial application. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts on bearings manufactured by FYH: 1. The bearings by FYH are products of extensive research and development activities. They make a continuous effort to design their mounted bearing units that can operate at low or no maintenance even when under extreme applications such as in space and ocean technology sectors. They