What does FYH Japan have to offer?

FYH, a leading manufacturer of mounted ball bearings in the world, is the oldest and largest manufacturer of these bearing units in Japan. Their strong reputation is built on years of experience, consistent improvement in production techniques, thus giving their customers the best and most reliable bearing units in the market, and their concentration on quality which makes their products sturdy and dependable across different applications. FYH Japan provides a wide selection of mounted units, which is offered to fit any application amongst different industries. What sets FYH products apart are their unique features:

–  Supreme Load Capacity and Accuracy: FYH Ball Bearing units internal structure is designed to withstand high loads and operate smoothly across a wide range of speeds.

– Rational Self-Aligning Mechanism and Optimal Fit: Given the environment these bearing units operate in, even a slight deviation can sometimes halt operations due to bearing failure. FYH’s bearing units are made to self-adjust for shaft deviation and reduce abnormal bearing load. This feature, therefore, helps enhance the life of a bearing.

– Superior Sealing Performance: The standard FYH Bearing Units are fitted with ‘FloBack seals’ that not only prevent grease from leaking out, thus increasing lubrication performance, but also perform extremely well at keeping contamination like dust particles, water etc. from entering into the unit. This unique technology not only increases bearing life but also increases overall efficiency and optimization of the machine by reducing down time.

– Highly rigid and rugged cast iron housings: FYH Ball Bearing units are designed to remain sturdy and reduce deformation caused by load or stress. FYH’s highly advanced technique uses the best casting material for its units in order to provide stability and reduce vibration, thus extending the life of the bearing. FYH strives to make its units stronger and lighter to increase overall efficiency for its clients.

 Simple Lubrication: FYH bearings are pre-lubricated and do not need additional grease at the time of installation, ensuring quicker installation of the bearing unit. Additionally, their grease is designed to accommodate a wide range of operating conditions.

– Convenient installation and handling: FYH Ball Bearing Units are interchangeable with many of its different models and can be bolted to machinery without any modification. No additional lubrication or seal installation is required, thus making handling easier and drastically reducing downtime. The bearing units come in 4 different locking mechanisms: set screw, eccentric locking collar, tapered adapter and concentric collar.

– A wide range for different operating conditions: FYH Bearing Units are designed to operate in different conditions and environments and can help increase the overall reliability of the machinery. The range of series include: High/Low Temperature Series; Corrosion Resistant Series like stainless steel and plastic series; Air Handling Series; Dust Resistant Series; Dirt Resistant Series; Tougher Casting Series and Compact/Light Weight Series.

Knowell International is FYH Japan’s exclusive distributor in India. For more information on FYH in India, their product range and prices please leave us an enquiry or contact us at sales@knowellinternational.com