FYH Ball Bearings

Founded in 1950, FYH is the oldest and leading manufacturer of Pillow Block Units in Japan, including spherical roller bearing units, that are currently used by companies across the globe. The tolerances for the bearings they produce are more stringent than the standards of Japan industrial standards, and the FYH brand bearings can be fully responsive to demanding operating conditions such as high-speed rotations, dusty or high contaminant environments and high load situations. They produce around 700 kinds of standard bearings and 300 housings. As a  specialized manufacturer, they create Pillow Blocks that can withstand the severe environment such as heat resistance, corrosion and dust-proof and are compact light weight in nature. They  also produce various special units such as stainless steel series and ceramic series.

What does FYH Ball Bearing means?

We take the liberty of bringing FYH Deep Groove Ball Bearings to your attention with this catalog. They are recommended to you with full confidence as all bearings are distinctive designs of FYH, developed by us, and representing years of manufacturing excellence, research, and advanced production techniques. As a specialized manufacturer, our bearings are designed to withstand severe environments and can be used in all applications where ANTI-FRICTION ball bearings are required.

Product Features

• Longer bearing life due to quality control in production.

• High speed and load-bearing capabilities.

• Perfect sealing qualities combined with centrifugal force to prevent lubrication leakage and prohibit atmospheric moisture or contaminants such as dust from entering.

• Smoother and quieter operations.

• Ease of mounting, maintenance and replacement.

• Substantial increase in production time and service life of equipment.

• Significant reduction in maintenance costs and machine downtime.

Deep Groove Ball Bearings


• Motor Grade

• Premium Grease High Performances

• Less Noise for Electric Motor


•FYH follow ISO/JIS Standards and are dimensionally interchangeable with competitors DGBB products.


• Motorcycle

• Automotive

• Conveyor system

• Household Appliances

• Agriculture Machinery

• Construction Machinery

• Motor

• Food and Beverage

DGBB Product Range

The capability to manufacture both bearing inserts and housings from start to finish under the same roof has allowed FYH to pioneer many technological advancements in mounted bearing design. Through a proprietary housing bore machining process, FYH is able to maintain a “J” tolerance fit between the bearing insert and the housing which produces a perfect fit between both components. This critical design element ensures that the shape of the housing bore is more cylindrical and spherical than competitive designs. This important feature prevents the bearing from being too loose within the housing or from being squeezed both radially and axially and it specifically translates to longer bearing life through reduced wear and vibration. The special J-fit feature allows every bearing to be 100% interchangeable with virtually any housing.


Two shields ZZ

Two contact seals 2rs

Competitive Advantage



FYH has nearly 700 kinds of bearings and 300 types of housings available in their product line.

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