7 Facts on FYH Bearings

7 Facts on FYH Bearings

Japan-based FYH is one of the oldest manufacturers of mounted ball bearings. They started their journey in 1950 and since then have developed bearings that can accommodate a great degree of shaft misalignment and are excellent for a tough industrial application. Let’s take a look at some interesting facts on bearings manufactured by FYH:

1. The bearings by FYH are products of extensive research and development activities. They make a continuous effort to design their mounted bearing units that can operate at low or no maintenance even when under extreme applications such as in space and ocean technology sectors. They are still doing research that is focused on the improvement of their Ceraball series which is also designed for extreme applications.

2. The bearings by FYH are designed keeping in mind the extreme operating conditions such as heavy rotation and heavy loads that they might encounter on a regular basis. Their product line includes about 700 different kinds of bearings. They have several thousand different combinations of mounted units and inserts. These are produced annually and are supplied throughout the world for meeting the vast demand of application in various industries.

3. The manufacturing process of the bearings by FYH adheres to the strict Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). From selecting the materials to their production methods, strict quality control measures are followed. And that is why their product line is of superior quality as compared to the other commercially available bearings.

4. The ball bearings by FYH Ball Bearing feature an internal structure which is identical to single row deep groove ball bearings. These units can withstand significant radial load. These can also take a great deal of axial load in all directions. The hardened steel balls demonstrate a great degree of roundness. The races of these bearing units are highly polished for accommodating a smooth ride at a different range of speeds.

5. The ball bearing units of FYH can self-align inside the housing. This is possible because of the spherical outer diameter of the bearing insert and the unique concave shape of the inner diameter of the housing where the bearings are fitted.

6. This unique design of FYH bearings lets the bearing unit self-adjust for shaft deviation, thus reducing the abnormal bearing load. And that is why the original rated life of the bearing is always guaranteed. Since the outside surface of the bearings are spherical and is precision ground and the spherical bore of the housing is machined by a boring machine, the bearing and housing fit really well and give a super aligned performance.

7. The FYH Ball Bearing Units prevent leaking of grease from the interior of the bearing. They perform extremely well and prevent dust and water, from entering. This feature is achieved with the installation of the seal on the outer ring of the bearing and by installing the slinger to its inner ring.

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