Knowell International: Your bearings solution partner for Automotive and Industrial sectors across India

The bearing industry in India is experiencing an evolution of demand in the types and brands of bearings used across industries. With the acceleration in overall economic activity and industrial investments over the last decade, the Indian economy is witnessing a growth driven by industrial production, and the bearing industry is reaping benefits from the same. In lieu of this evolutionary demand, the bearing market is poised to grow at nearly 10% CAGR over the next 5 years.

A key factor in sustaining this growth is the assurance and availability of high quality bearings within the market. Since bearings play an integral part in ensuring good machine health and increasing overall efficacy and productivity, the reliability of bearings used across different industries and their genuineness become of high importance. Additionally, for a price-sensitive economy like India, it is also important to control costs and provide cost-effective bearing solutions.

This is where Knowell International steps in. The company’s strength lies in understanding its customers’ needs and providing effective quality-driven bearing solutions at the right price. Their knowledge of the unique requirements of each industry and their ability to service these different bearing needs is what has gained them the reputation of providing authenticsolutions for industrial excellence. Knowell has a carefully curated brands of imported bearings that are sourced from different parts of the world like Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan and China to ensure that quality is available at cost-competitive prices. They guarantee 100% genuineness of their products since they are all directly sourced from the manufacturers.

Since their inception, Knowell has believed in providing ‘Service without Compromise’ and lives by that motto even now. Their competent sales engineers and representatives, located across the north, west and south of India, along with their large network of over 60 distributors help them provide Just-In-Time service and after-sale technical support to all their customers. They also have warehousing capacity of nearly 2000 sq. mt., which is used to keep high stocks of inventory at all times. Knowell aims to create a symbiotic relationship with its clients and works with them to understand their requirement first before providing them with a solution that best fits their need. Through their established network, Knowell currently services customers across an array of industries in India.

Automotive Sector

Given the continuing changes within the automotive sector, expertise in design, precision engineering and technological advancements become the foundation of performance and reputation for bearing brands within this industry. The automotive sector also has a growing demand for increasingly small space to design products and a constant need to meet critical tolerances, reduce friction, lift heavy loads and abide by strict quality checks in order to enhance performance parameters and create successful products. Knowell International partners with brands like Nachi, NMB, FYH and KHK that invest heavily in research and development to tackle these requirements and ensure that their bearings meet the growing demand of the automotive sector. Knowell houses various types of automotive bearings like engine bearings, tapered roller bearings, needle roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, spherical roller bearings, thrust bearings,miniature bearings and clutch release bearings to service the industry in every way possible.

Industrial Sectors

From miniature bearings to large industrial bearings, Knowell houses over 5000 SKUs to meet a wide spectrum of needs within different sectors in India. Through its portfolio of brands, Knowell intends to drive long-term sustainability and smooth performance for its users, by providing them with bearings that are genuine, perform in difficult operating conditions, can operate at high speeds with low noise levels and come with a heavy load-bearing capacity. This, along with each product’s precision design ultimately helps their customers to lower operational costs and increase machine uptime, thereby helping them get more production efficient overall. Given its vast product range, Knowell currently works with customers across a wide spectrum of industries like Machine Tools, Textile, Material Handling, Fans & Blowers, Gear Boxes, Agriculture (Harvesters), Packaging, Pumps and Industrial Automation etc.

Knowell’s aim is to create an environment of trust, support and stability for its customers. Their confidence stems from their strong belief in the quality and performance of their products. They hold a proven track record of quality supply to their customers and despite how unique each application is, Knowell has a sustainable and long-lasting solution for every bearing need.